How To Measure Your Digital Audio Advertising Campaigns

Thursday 16 April 2020
11:35 – 11:50

The latest MIDAS figures show that more than half of the UK population (28.4m) listen to some form of digital audio every week. With increasing numbers of people flocking to digital radio, podcasts and music streaming services for both information and escapism, advertisers have a real opportunity to reach engaged audiences at scale. But in comparison with other digital media, digital audio campaigns have traditionally been more difficult to track. However, DAX, Global’s market leading advertising exchange pioneered technology which gives advertisers insight into post listener behaviour and improves how digital audio effectiveness is measured. Advertisers on DAX have access to granular data insight and sophisticated tools to help navigate digital audio campaigns across a fragmented marketplace of content and platforms. Leading brands have used DAX’s Cross-Device Measurement technology to understand user’s listening habits, better measure ad performance and chart customer journeys. In this session, hear from Guy Jones, Commercial Operations Director, DAX Worldwide on the ability to attribute digital audio campaigns that has made the medium more competitive than ever before.

Guy Jones, Commercial Operations Director, DAX Worldwide


Guy Jones

Commercial Operations Director, DAX