How to Scale Digital Audio

The Soho Hotel, London
Tuesday 15 October 2019
16:30 – 17:00

Digital audio is not a new concept but as it grows it is causing a shift-change in the advertising landscape. From streaming our favourite music to listening to the latest podcast – digital audio is a key part of media consumption. But how can advertisers ensure they reach consumers during these moments? This multi-stakeholder panel moderated by IAB Europe, will explore the challenge of scaling digital audio advertising and opportunities and solutions that exist to maximise digital audio investment.

Chair: Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe
David Goddard, VP Global Programmatic Strategy, BBC
Hilary Umeh, Director, Business Development, The Trade Desk
Kay Taylor, Global Innovations and Partnership Manager, Mindshare


Daniel Knapp

Chief Economist, IAB Europe


David Goddard

VP, Global Programmatic Strategy at BBC Global News


Hilary Umeh

Director of Business Development, The Trade Desk


Kay Taylor

Global Innovations & Partnership Manager, Mindshare