Radio’s place at the heart of the in-car entertainment experience

Thursday 24 June 2021
11:20am – 11:35am

As more new cars come with built-in connectivity, the dashboard environment is changing – and radio needs to change with it. The car has always been a safe haven for radio, but now Big Tech companies are investing heavily to claim their share of listening, revenue, data, or the actual manufacturing of new cars and the technology that powers them. Radio remains the most-consumed entertainment medium in the car by far (even in connected vehicles) – but the technology needs to adapt and the industry needs to collaborate globally to keep it that way. Laurence Harrison from Radioplayer will talk about the threats, opportunities, and how Radio can navigate the increasingly complex dashboard environment to stay strong in cars of the future.

Laurence Harrison, Director of Automotive Partnerships, Radioplayer



Laurence Harrison

Director of Automotive Partnerships, Radioplayer