The conditions that make a great sonic brand

Thursday 24 June 2021
3:55pm – 4:10pm

As our daily lives changed drastically on 23 March 2020, the way in which marketers reached consumers changed too. The way in which we shopped changed; ecommerce boomed, and so marketing and customer experience often shifted online. The way in which we listen changed; podcasts, streaming and digital radio all became more important to consumers. The shift presented marketers with an opportunity to reach consumers in new ways, and although sonic branding is not new, it is now being used more than ever to boost online storytelling strategies across multiple touchpoints. In this interview, Mediatel News editor Omar Oakes asks Michele Arnese, the global CEO and founder of sonic branding agency amp: What is sonic branding? What are the main forms of inventory we would expect to see sonic branding on? How has this changed in the pandemic? What principles make for good sonic branding?


Omar Oakes

Editor, Mediatel News


Michele Arnese

Founder & Global CEO, amp