The Golden Age of Podcasts: Then, Now and Tomorrow

Thursday 16 April 2020
10:55 – 11:25

Podcasts were proving to be incredibly powerful and growing channel within the audio landscape way before the lockdown, but numbers and listening habits have continued to impress during the current situation, offering a unique opportunity to brands and advertisers during this period. But as this panel of experts will discuss, you shouldn’t simply just be looking at the current climate as a reason to get involved in podcasts, you should be looking at the foundation you can lay now for the future. Unravelling the ways in which you can measure the success of a podcast and the opportunities through advertising and sponsorship will be addresses as this panel looks at why podcasts are in what many consider to be a golden age of audio engagement.

Moderator: Ruth Fitzsimons, Managing Director, Podfront UK
Marvyn Harrison, Founder, Dope Black Dads
Clare Chapman, Head of Media Planning, Essence
Leo Goldingham, Key Account Director, Acast
Jimmy Buckland, MD, Wireless Studios & Director of Strategy, Wireless