Turn up your social campaigns with digital audio

Thursday 24 June 2021
12:40pm – 12:55pm

Spending on digital and social advertising is a no-brainer and now a fundamental part of most campaigns. But many brands and advertisers haven’t truly unlocked the benefits of digital audio just yet. Join Bauer Media’s Charlie Brookes, Octave Audio’s Anna-Lena Mikoteit and Neuro-Insight’s Shazia Ginai as they take audiences through recent case studies and explain how to build synergistic social and digital audio advertising campaigns that can lead to higher levels of recall and response. The session will prove why digital audio should be a part of every marketer’s mix, especially as social audio and new technologies further accelerate new audio interaction.


Charlie Brookes

Chief Revenue Officer Digital Audio UK, Bauer Media Group


Anna-Lena Mikoteit

Product Strategy Lead, Octave


Shazia Ginai

CEO, Neuro-Insight