Using Government’s COVID-19 radio tiering to develop traditional radio’s local capabilities

Thursday 24 June 2021
12:15pm – 12:35pm

During a vital period of the pandemic, the Government had to notify the public of which tier their local authority sat in. With some confusion around local tiering levels and restrictions, the campaign had to be informative, localised and precise in its messaging. In this session, find out how the team ran 42 localised copies over broadcast radio, with support from location mapping using tools such as Mediatel Connected, and often with only 24 hours to get the plan complete, booked and on air! You will also hear why the campaign proves the importance of localisation in the planning, and why the medium of radio provides marketers with the ability to tap into the power of community.


Flora Williams

Head of Implementational Planning (OmniGov), Manning Gottlieb OMD


William Barlow

Investment Account Manager - AV (OmniGov), Manning Gottlieb OMD