What should a brand sound like?

Thrusday 16 April 2020
15:00 – 15:20

There was a time when a brand’s audio identity amounted to a chirpy sung jingle used for a few campaigns and then abandoned. Or worse still, overused to the point where the audience tired of it and its effect became negative. Thankfully, audio branding has moved on. The audio identity should be a living, breathing thing adapted to suit different applications and touchpoints, and it should evolve over time. Does this mean a brand has to keep coming back every year for a refresh? No. Not if we’re smart. Trisonic co-founder and Creative Director, Matt Hopper, will explain how they encourage their clients to take the long term view when creating audio branding, , and to apply branding consistently at every available opportunity. Using live examples, Matt will show how to compose a piece from a number of parts; themed elements which can be extracted, remixed and repurposed at point of inception, so the brand has a toolbox of music it can use across multiple touchpoints and for multiple applications to keep the branding fresh and relevant.

Matt Hopper, Co-founder and Creative Director, Trisonic


Matt Hopper

Co-founder and Creative Director, Trisonic